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There are currently tens of thousands of connections looking to do business with you right now on LinkedIn.

The challenge is to find those people and connect with them.

I have solved this and can connect you to 100’s of LinkedIn users, specific to your target market.
Build a powerful list that you can message or email legally at any time.

Reach 500+ new LinkedIn connections in under a month!


  • First, you and I determine who your ideal client is. With this information we use LinkedIn’s internal search engine to create a highly targeted list of your prospects.

    42,000 LinkedIn Users Seeking Opportunities

  • Next, we very politely and strategically craft an invitation to connect and send this to 100 of these connections a day until the desired number of connections approve the connection.

    InvitationsSample Message

  • The process is very simple and I do all the ground work for you.  Within a few weeks you will have access to hundreds of new LinkedIn followers and a massive spike in profile views.

ResultsInviting 800 connections in 8 days

NO setup fees or the first 20 clients who sign up! 

I normally charge $595 to set up user campaigns, but I am now offering a special NO SETUP FEE offer for a limited number of new clients who spend $360 or more .
Client Requirements: You will need a LinkedIn Sales Navigator account (Free for 30 days then CDN $89/mo) set up on your LinkedIn account.  This is a good service that boosts your LinkedIn account to include prospecting.

Three Simple List Building Options

Option 1) Pre-Pay List for New Connections

  • Tell me how many connections you want and only pay for the number I bring in.
  • I will connect you to 100 new LinkedIn connections for $120/per 100 connections.
  •  Pre-pay for the number of connections you require and I will invite up to 100 connections a day until you have reached your budgeted goal.
  • All you do is monitor the new connections and manually send them welcome message telling them who you are and what you do to initiate the relationship.
  • If you commit to 500 or more connections, I will automatically send them an introduction message thanking them for the connection and introducing you and your product or service offering.

Option 2) Month-To-Month List Building  ($495/mo.)

  • I will invite 500-700 new connections a week  to connect on LinkedIn  until we reach between 500 and 750 new users on your account.  I will send each of them an introduction welcome message as stated in the Pre-Pay option.

Option 3) A Three Month Lead Generation Campaign ($495/mo./3months)

  • Same services as Month-to-Month but I also include sending one personalized message to up to 2000 connections on your LinkedIn list with a call to action message of your choice.
  • With option 3 I will also export all your new connections to a spreadsheet that you can use to integrate with CRM software, or other mail merge programs like Mailchimp.
These campaign equate to between $.82 and $1 per new user connection.  Results will vary depending on how aligned you are with the connection. All connections will remain 100% yours .

Call 1(800) 956-1743 ext/556
Or local: 403-775-6969 ext/556

Connection Download Service

The download service goes beyond just downloading a name and email address and extracts detailed information including connections’ address, phone number, industry categories, birthdays etc.  The download service will extract large LinkedIn connection lists (Over 2000 connections), at a special rate depending on your totals list size.  Contact me for pricing details.
Contacts-arrowDownload your 2000 new connections

BizDevWeekly Article Sharing

Article Syndication

Want to Join BizDevWeekly as a co-author of business content?

  • Automatically share articles from reputable publications of your choice.
  • Articles will be automatically posted on your own Blog Sharing Network on BizDevWeekly
  • You image and call to action will be included with each article, and can include your phone number or website
  • All new posts will be automatically be syndicated to your social and business networks, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, attracting your followers to your article site.
  • Set up your landing pages to include Google Banner Adwords cookies for a nominal setup charge

Service offered individually for $395/month or
combine with our 3-month lead generation campaign as a package for $795/month.

Call me to discuss your specific needs and will send you a custom price estimate.

Call 1(800) 956-1743 ext/556
Or local: 403-775-6969 ext/556

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