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How Web TV Benefits You



Employee Morale

Create a news stories that mentions how valuable your employees are then let the entire company know when you or your firm is mentioned in a press interview on a major news site.


Thought Leadership

Establish yourself as a thought leader through the interview. The credibility that you build as an opinion leader in web TV content spills over into everything else that you do.


Market Valuation

Audiovisual interviews bolster your company value. When the worth of a company is measured by how well it is known, market valuation increases.


Social Proof

Legitimize your business with a web TV interview. Copy the logos from news press sites (As seen on CNN, Forbes, Huffington) and include them in the footer of every page of your site and in email signatures or print publications.


Drive More Sales

People do business with companies they trust. The interview positions you as an industry leader, separating you from the pack. News stories build trust and more trust converts more sales, faster.


Website Traffic

Our interviews are crafted to drive web traffic to your business. With content syndication to a credible news site, you amplify public relations mentions and this send traffic your way.


Lead Generation

We can include a subtle call to action that helps you generate leads. High profile articles on news sites are shared and commented on more often, resulting in greater lead generation opportunities through social syndication.



People want to work for a winning team. It is much easier to recruit for a company that people have heard of. Use the interview and news syndication to increase public awareness and impress potential employees.


Social Media and LinkedIn

Post article mentions in Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn Groups to impress followers. Our interviews can be syndicated to 1000's of extremely targeted lead through popular social media networks.








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  Client Testimonials


Very professional and very well edited. Thank you for the excellent interview!
Kersten Kloss is the kind of guy who just makes you feel awesome ... and brings tremendous value at the sametime. He helps others get out of their comfort zone - and makes them grow.
New Lucid is the go to company if you are looking for creative ways to improve your internet marketing strategy to get business leads. The company offers a variety of services that are priced fairly and quite effective for getting more clicks. I have worked with them a few times and find the company very professional and ROI focused.
Mitchell Ravvin 
Kersten is a very good interviewer
Kersten's Netcast Events creation is ingenious. It is helping so many people and business articulate the value of what they offer in a very professional platform. Congratulations!

I stumbled upon NetCastEvent quite by accident and was immediated attracted by the impact created with their interview-style videos. Any video production company I had approached with this concept (though not as well thought-through as NetcastEvent's version) wanted silly money to do anything much at all.I decided to go ahead and it turned out to be a lot easier than I imagined. Kersten held my hand through the whole process and even though I fluffed my lines a few times, he was able to easily d(...)
Netcast Events is an outstanding service and I highly recommend it. We were approached by another company that offered to do a video testimonials for substantially more and that involved air travel to a studio.Netcast provides a professional, easy, and cost effective way for us to get video testimonials from our clients. We plan to do all our future video testimonials using Netcast Events.
Netcast Events provides high quality and affordable video production services. I highly recommend them for any business interested in promoting their products or services online or to simply improve their Internet public trust.


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