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  • Social Media Is NOT Marketing!
    Social Media Is NOT Marketing!

    Marketers: STOP Misleading Business!

    Social media is a business tool like the historical telephone, telex, fax and email. Social media should not be your primary marketing focus.

    New Lucid will drive sales with ALL available new media tools, not just social media.

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  • Do You Have a 5 Star On-Line Reputation?
    Do You Have a 5 Star On-Line Reputation?

    Reputation Marketing

    Be proactive and protect your on-line Google ratings!  Did you know...

    Most companies are just ONE review away from a bad reputation.

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    Get clients to leave real reviews with New Lucid Reputation Marketing system.

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  • What's Your Sales Goal?
    What's Your Sales Goal?

    Where Do You Want to Be in 1 Year?

    Don't know your potential? Our first Free Consultation meeting always includes this critical step. 

    With a clear vision identified, we'll fit a custom campaign to drive new business, effectively increasing your marketing efficiency by up to 400%.


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  • Generating Profitable Sales
    Generating Profitable Sales

    You Need Sales, Not Brochures, To Succeed 

    New Lucid gets the cash register ringing with a combination of real-world and online techniques to find leads that convert into sales.

    We don't just preach, we live the tools we sell, from research, list building, ethical engagement to tracking. We close new business.  50+ years combined experience.

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Web Strategy and Website Development

Results Driven Websites

website secrets

Our consultants have 20 years of real world sales and marketing experience. We understand your need to monetize marketing efforts, including websites. New Lucid helps with your overall web strategy, from working with existing web designers and web-masters to helping develop and implement entire business web portals from scratch. We help you transform a visually appealing brochure site into a powerful sales lead tool.

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Web Video, Webcasting and Skype Interviews

Web Videos From $195!

Joelle Norwood on Leveraging Video

Video marketing is 72x more effective as a communication tool than text websites. Our exclusive web interview process helps clients leverage the power of video from their first interview. Skype interviews are a fast and cost effective solution to regularly capture highly compelling stories that can be transcribed, spun and distributed across the Internet like thousands of trust-building audio-visual "web flyers".

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Sales Coaching and Campaign Management

A 50/50 Marketing Approach

LonSafko on Fusion Marketing

New Lucid campaigns, whether they be traditional or Internet driven, must be anchored on a strong sales goal objective. Our first goal is to identify the sales objectives, and then build a sales funnel process aimed at achieving the ultimate goal - revenue. Half of the campaign should always rely on traditional "real world" techniques. The other half can then be devoted new world marketing methods. Proper balance is important.

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Web Marketing, Social Media, and Syndication

Tell a Story and Build Trust

Strategies for Marketing Bootcamp

Social Media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn gets all the press. Today's "sound bites" overlook the fundamentals of selling: communicating in a clear language that clients understand in a medium that is convenient and trusted. Social Media takes up only a small portion of this medium. New Lucid covers the full 360 degrees of the pie including web events, video, blogging, email, text messaging, searchable articles and more.

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More About our Business Development Services

New Lucid is a Calgary based marketing company with decades of experience specializing in real world and Internet marketing strategies. Our style of business development focuses primarily on driving growth through unique techniques that generate fresh sales leads and referral business. As an advertising agency we combine new media innovations with traditional advertising strategies. A 360 degree marketing approach that embaces the new and combines it with tried and true traditional advertising media like print, radio or events.

New Lucid includes web strategy and web design into the development of client websites. We also partner with designers and web developers to offer non-biased internet consulting services and web strategy.

Our ideal business development services clients are small and medium sized businesses in any stage of growth, from startup, transitional growth up to aggressive expansion.

We're a marketing firm with a strong emphasis on sales lead generation. An advertising firm that combines marketing consultant and sales lead knowhow.

What differentiates us from other Internet marketing companies is our experience in the sales process. We think about sales first. Our staff is very creative and we incorporate very innovative techniques never utilized before, like affordable Skype video interview marketing, web traffic intelligence, analysis and viewer tracking that includes extensive analytics and triggers to identify exactly when a lead is ready to be prospected.

Our proven sales conversion techniques are incorporated into all our web design and development projects.

New Lucid Strives to be The Leading Marketing Company in Calgary